OK, it's official...... I'm a roadie!

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Got my road bike a few months ago. Haven't touched a MTB since (apart from today when I took a customer's bike for a ride to test it after I'd fixed it). OH MY GOD they are low geared!!!!!

Anyway, that's not the point......

I have just ordered my first upgrade! A lovely set of Easton EA90 Aero wheels. Decided on them as they should be a little stiffer than the standard set for an additional 15grams and much stiffer than my Mavic Aksiums which I can actually see flexing when I'm out of the saddle on a climb. There goes the July pay cheque!


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    That is the one bad bit of working in a bike shop, last week i bought a d-lock, the boss handed me my money and i handed it straight back...
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    Hey Guilliano, didn't take you long to start adding / changing bits. What's next on the shopping list? For my sins I've put a new saddle on the PX Ti bike i bought just around the same time as your Defy Advanced.

    Glad to see you're enjoying it, still not spotted it when I pedal anywhere out in your general direction :)
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