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bib shorts?please help! DHB?

lejogx2lejogx2 Posts: 32
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i want to buy some cycling shorts. preferably bib shorts and i was wondering if anyone could recomend anything. A the moment i'm thinking of buying the £34 DHB ones. what do you think? i'm also actually thinking of buying the DHB shoes because theyre really cheap. Are DHB good?


  • Big DaveBig Dave Posts: 85
    There was a post about DHB shorts last week I think. The more expensive pairs are thought to be a bit pricey for what they are if I remember the comments correctly.

    I've got a couple of pairs of their cheaper Earnly shorts and I find them OK quality wise and personally find the pad an OK shape and design. I actually prefer Lusso shorts but they seem to be a right pain to track down these days. The DHB shorts probably won't prove all that durable over time, especially if you do lots of high mileage rides.

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  • cjwcjw Posts: 1,889
    I tried the cheaper DHBs but was not impressed - pad is too thin for longer rides. Now got DHB Finchdean and really like them (have now got 3 pairs), OK for up to about 3 hours in the saddle.
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  • paul_orpaul_or Posts: 156
    From my personal experience, go for it!

    The DHB earnleys are very reasonably priced - around £30-40 a pair. I have shorts, longs, and recently acquired a pair of 3/4's as well.

    As an entry-level short you can't go wrong - I ride in general 2 hour, 35 mile rides, sometimes a bit shorter, and the padding has always seemed comfortable. The quality is good for the price, and while it is one of those cases of 'you get what you pay for', DHB seem to have nailed the no frills, entry level product.
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  • PhilbyPhilby Posts: 328
    I've got some Earnleys - great value for money and very comfortable. Can't notice much difference to my more expensive Gore ones, though have no experience of Assos which most people seem to rave about.
  • I have some DHB earnleys, got them a few weeks back from wiggle. They fit nicely and they are comfrtable enough for 3+ hour rides IMO. For that sort of money they are hard to beat. Obviously when comparing them to top end bibs, they will suffer, but for that level of money they are a nice short.
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  • markos1963markos1963 Posts: 3,724
    I've got some Earnleys and in general I have found them ok. Have used them on a couple of century rides and the pad was just about comfortable but I would like a bit more density in the pad to make it better for longer runs. My big concern with them is the straps, they are too narrow and placed too far apart so they tend to slip off the shoulder if you're not on the bike.
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