Not bad for a fat lad

pete600 Posts: 142
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Well i finally complete my 1st metric century. Wasn't as bad as i expected.
Had a nice early start 7am still nice and cool around 20oc. Once i got out of the town over the first hill it more rolling roads. The first 30 miles where a bit of a slog. But after i got up to 50 miles and had a cake stop the miles seamed to fly past. Had a few stops just to flill up with water. Had a stop at the LBC and picked up 2 gels. Seamed to give me a boost (1st time i have used them) At around the 80 miles started to feel the heat up in to the 30oc.
Had 1 more gel to get me over the last hill. But after about 10 mins got stomach cramps. Only had 10 miles to go thought cant stop now. When the odometer clicked over to 100 miles it was the best feeling in the world :lol: .
Sorry to bore you but had to tell some 1