How to know what size spokes?

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Hi guys.
I've got a Raleigh Record sprint from about '89 with the black rims and I'd like to change the spokes for nice new shiny stainless ones. I was going to buy over t'net but nobody can help me with what size I need, so, how do I find out please?
The wheels are 700c if that makes any help.


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    So you're going to rebuild the wheels? You could use a spoke length calculator based on various measurements of your rims, hubs and the lacing pattern but just measuring the length of old ones is probably easier if nothing else is changing. Don't forget that the rear will have different lengths for drive/non-drive side due to dishing.
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    Measure the old spokes.
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    Assuming small flange hubs - then - 54 x 294mm DB - Suggest Sapim.
    18 x 292 mm 15 guage plain for the drive side, rear.
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    O.k. thanks.
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    Just take one off and measure it. Your going to have to take them off anyway
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    Where do I measure from...full length which would be 302mm, inside length which is the end of the thread or beginning :?:
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    end to the elbow I think.