Shimano SPD SL Cleat Attaching Bolts and rectangular washer

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Hi all, having just invested in some shiny new 105 pedals and shoes to go with them, I went pedaling and right in the middle of Halifax's busiest road junction I lost one of the bolts and rectangular washers that attach the cleats to the shoes, obviously because of how busy said junction is I cant just go back and pick them up unless I want to spend time with the local A&E dept feeding through a straw. Is there anywhere close to Halifax or on the interweb where I can pick up spare bolts and washers or is it a new cleat job, I need SPD SL compatible ones if that makes any difference. Let me know if any of you know where or how.


If you buy it, they will come...

...up to you and say, you didn't want to buy one of them!!!