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I've recently been measured up at my local cycle shop. Turns out I'm a little ad normal shape with a longer torso and shorter legs. Looks like I need a longer top tube than standard.

My recommended bike frame:

Problem is I can't find any popular bike brands that make a frame in this size. I've looked at Scott, Giant, Cannondale, Trek ect.

Should I get a custom built frame at a bit more expense or get a cheaper standard size frame and put up with the discomfort? I'm thinking custom, is a proper fit that crucial?

My budget was £1000 but I've been told a custom more like £2000. £800 just for the frame.


  • roger_merriman
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    that is a big bike, frame sizes are bit hit and miss as they differ how they are measured.

    plus most modern bikes have sloping top tube so the measurments are some what out...
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    sorry I should have stated I am 6ft4 or 193cm so I would be expecting a big bike. the image above is from my local cycle shop.
  • Andy,

    I was laid out and calibrated and was given pretty much the same set of stats. It was the reach as much as the height for me. I guess by now you're used to banging your head in a world built for little people, but if you can afford it I wouldn't compromise when it comes to the bike. Nothing saps power like pain and discomfort. Its like hiking in boots one size too small. Your wallet might take a hit but there is comfort in knowing that your bike was built to your specs.

    Happy shopping.
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