Should Triple Front Derailleur Work With Compact Chainset

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I've bought a Stronglight 50/34 compact chainset and new 107mm bottom bracket to replace my triple chainset and bottom bracket. I'm using a square taper JIS bottom bracket and chainset. I've installed the bottom bracket and chainset and thought I could continue to use the triple front derailleur. I've lowered the front derailleur a few mm and adjusted the stop screws. I can't seem to adjust it so that I can use the small chainring with the large rear cog without the chain dropping off into the crankarms when changing from the large to chainring. If I adjust the limit screw to stop this happening I can't use the small front large rear combo without chain rub. Also the limit of the small front is only up to the 5th rear cog before the chain starts rubbing on the front derailleur. Should this setup work or do I need to buy a double front derailleur and swap out my triple front derailleur?


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    it's generally suggested that a double is the way to go. I've not tried a triple road mech myself (with a compact) so can't add any comments but the std double mechs work okay. Not brilliant but okay. The Campag CT mechs are the best IME but you need a tweak for them to work with Shimano.

    One more point, set the shifters up so that click 2 is the 34t ring and click 3 is the 50t, rather than 1 & 2, as the whip from the mech can be less when you change from the 50 to the 34.

    If it still tries to throw the chain then you can get a Deda dog fang to stop it falling down onto the BB shell.
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