Can I swap Shimano Ultegra 12/27 cassette for Dura-Ace 11/28

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Hi - apols if this is obvious but fairly new to cycling and wanted to check - got a Cube Attempt (2009) - getting into sportives.. live in the Chiltern hills .. longer climbs a struggle - looking to swap cassette as per title .. is it a straight swap ? Thanks!


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    you may need to tweak the tension screw a tad but it should be fine. I've recently made the switch to a 11-28 and it was fine.

    Wiggle have a good price on the SRAM OG1070, if you fancy forking out for the DA ... 360030267/
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  • Thanks Maddog2 .. I've had a bit of conflicting advice on this one - Called Evans and they said yes it was a good move .. Local bike shop today (Beeline Oxford) said I might get away with it .. but pointed out (probably quite rightly..) that with 3 up front and a 12-27 I should be ok on hills .. which has led me to consider.. only riding since Feb .. and could shed a few lbs .. so might put some focus into that as a plan A! :)
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    If you already have a triple then it is not really worth changing the cassette. Going from 27 to 28 teeth will not make a great deal of difference and you are more likely to miss a gear or two from the middle of the cassette. A lot of money for very little gain.
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    DA is v.expensive (£100+). BBB and SRAM do from £35.

    Howver, if you already have a tripple chainset with a 30t then this probably isn't going to make enough difference.
  • Thanks all for the advice .. it looks as if it's down to more training on the hills and a few less curries !
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    The DA cassette is about 50g lighter than that SRAM one so you're not really comparing like with like anyway.

    Also +1 regarding little benefit in tweaking the cassette when you've got a triple.
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    +1 not worth it.

    You already have very low gears for the Chilterns
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    RichA wrote:
    However, if you already have a tripple chainset with a 30t then this probably isn't going to make enough difference.

    Can I beg to differ? I have Ultegra triple, and had 12-27 on the rear. Due to being a "larger" rider, I struggle on hills, and ended up putting a SRAM Force 11-28 on, and am really happy with the difference it makes, not just for the lowest gear, but also the next gear is a little easier too.

    Shan't bother with a 340 though - I think I've got what I need now to get up anything that's not too ridiculous.