splitting 105 chain; how hard???

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I got my sample of squirt lube a couple of days ago. Instructions say to thoroughly clean / degrease the chain before application. Got out my chain tool and lined it up with a standard rivet and started to tighten it up. Then it stopped. backed it off a bit to make sure it's dead central, tried again. The Hulk couldn't have tightened this any more by hand. Grabbed a pair of pliers for a bit more leverage, and promptly bent the chain tool.
Eventually got it to go in using mole grips to hold the tool, and pliers to tighten the now bent bit.

Is it usually this hard? I've split numerous mtb 8 speed chains with ease. Are 10 speed road chains any different, or did I just happen to choose the world's tightest rivet?? I would stand no chance of doing this out on the road with my compact tool!

I have some KMC reusable links to put it back together, so I'm going to have to take out another rivet to fit one. Do I need to buy a workshop grade chain tool?