Wheel problem

Chip \'oyler
Chip \'oyler Posts: 2,323
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A mate of mine has got really bad rim rattle - anybody know how to sort it?
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  • whyamihere
    whyamihere Posts: 7,708
    Define rim rattle?

    Do you mean that the spokes are loose, or that something is inside the rim and rattling around inside?

    If the former, get it retensioned. If the latter, hold it so that the valve hole is at the bottom without the tyre and tube, and shake the wheel until whatever's inside falls out.
  • Rim rattle, very debilitating for a cyclist.
    I had an ex-girlfriend who suffered from the same thing

    Best of luck Chippie
  • Steveorow
    Steveorow Posts: 162
    If he's using the valve nut ; the thing that secures the valve to the rim tell him to check its tight or take it of ; not really required .
  • Are you sure it's a mate of yours?