turbo trainer and tyre wear

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A quick Q about turbo trainers, I have had one for ages, recently it seems to be causing rapid wear to my tyres. Before I used to just use my normal tyres, then this year it seemd to eat through them so now have bought one of those turbo specific (bright orange) ones. I am still getting lots of wear and tiny flecks of orange tyre litter my shed floor. What's up?



  • plowmar
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    Perhaps the tyre is not tight to the cylinder and is slipping.

    my orange tyre, after going through the ordinary road tyre in a week, is still going strong after 18 months.
  • Smokin Joe
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    I would think too much pressure on the roller would be the problem, causing the tyre to overheat. A fan helps too if you are not already using one.
  • fossyant
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    OH...I've always used road tyres, never an issue so long as you keep the tension OK....i.e. a little slip if you do a hard sprint...... PS I hate turbo's.....only any good if you are injured........
  • kieranb
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    thanks for the replies, I definitely think heat has something o do with it, as I moved my big ground floor fan to the back and that seemed to help, will try changing the resistance, i suppose it is a balance of enough pressure to stop slippage and not too much to cause wear.
  • sampras38
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    Agree about checking the resistance.