Dura Ace 7950 crankset - special chain really required?

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I've just got my mitts on a beautiful piece of sculpture aka a Dura Ace 7950 compact crankset.

I thought I'd just install it on my best bike without changing any other drive train bits...

but on reading about it (after purchase of course!) I find that Shimano state that this chainset must only be used with the new whizzo 7900 series chain..

I intended to carry on using my KMC low endish 10 sp chains (I've got stock!). But I don't want to prematurely wear out my whizzo new chainrings or start suffering chain suck (esp nasty cos I've got a carbon frame).

Anyone got any thoughts/experience on this? TIA


  • redddraggon
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    I guess you found it fine?
    I like bikes...

  • Pokerface
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    I thought it had something to do with the width of the chain? The Shimano one is very narrow - and is designed to work with the Shimano cassette?
  • torrens
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    I actually bought one 7900 chain as a treat for this new DA chainset. It came with the new Shimano powerlink type connector. After a few k transmission v noisy indeed.

    So replaced DA chain with a new kmc low end 10sp chain and everything just fine. So threw DA7900 chain and link away. Internet search revealed that new Shimano quick release link prone to premature wear and was no longer being shipped! grrr!

    Whoever coined the generalization, "the more you pay for cycling stuff the more likely it is to let you down in a fascinating way" is a very wise person IMHO
  • Smokin Joe
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    Manufacturers like to tie you into sticking with their own (overpriced) products with claims about lack of compatability of other stuff. Mostly bullshite.