really really annoying creak on defy 1

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My new defy 1 has an annoying creak that appears to be coming from the pedal region. I have had my LBS look at it and they have stripped down etc but can find nothing wrong, the creak appears to imply something either over tightened or stretched or in need of oil, but as I can only hear when cycling it is impossible to trace the source. It is driving me mad!! espec as the bike is a fantastic ride, has anyone any ideas....should I get a can of WD 40 and spray everything? or can you recommend another lubricant to this a good idea?

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    Grease the seatpost - also, remove the shim (I think it has one, Giant's normally do) and grease that as well on the outside. I had an OCR a few years back and it drove me mad until I found out it was the post (I swore blind it was pedals) - Since then everyone who rides a Giant gets the same advice from me. A guy at work had the same problem last year and thought I was mad when I said it was the post/shim, but it solved it.
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    Sorry if this sounds stupid. I had a similar thing, thought there was something wrong turned out it was the magnet too close to sensor on crank for bike computer.
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    Slow Downcp is right, in 9 out of 10 cases where you can't easily track down the source of a noise, it's the darn seatpost.

    In your certain case, I'd completely remove the cleats, clean everything, use a drop of oil and reattach them.
    They can make some nasty noise as well.
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    excuse my ignorance...but what is the shim and when you say grease do you recommend any particular grease/lubricant?....yeah you are right it is a slow form of torture and begins to drive you stop concentrating on the road (dangerous!) and keep trying to find out where the noise is coming from

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    Its easy to work out if its not the saddle. Stand up and pedal and if the creak doesn't stop then its not.

    I have a Giant SCR2.0 which had exactly the same problem and it was the seatpost.

    If you remove the seatpost you'll see a plastic shim in the seat tube that can be pulled out. Slap any grease on both sides and if it is the source of the creak then that'll cure it.

    Unfortunately you'll have to do this fairly often. The alternative is to buy a seat post that fits the seat tube without the shim.
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    Pedals. Check them. Take them off. Clean them, WD40 them. If you can stick the WD40 "straw" in the innards do that. Clean the threads on the crank and pedals. Lightly grease the threads. Re-attach.
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    let us know if you cure it, I have a Defy 1, touch wood no creaking but its nice to be for-armed.
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    it would appear to have worked...did just as bender said and had a nice run back tonight. I could concentrate on cycling for a change without sticking my head down to find where the clicking sound was coming from.!! Got myself some WD40 and removed cleats and oiled them +threads. I love riding the Defy 1 and it's much better now that the click has stopped...thanks to all for some great advice :D

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    I had an annoying creak on my bike, turned out to be the crappy bottle cage that came with the bike. It was a Tacx one with plastic fittings that would creak. As soon as I swapped it the noise stopped........

    I now have the OH asking me what the creaking noise is when she rides her bike :lol: