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Do the eB*y Bollé specs 'reactolite'?

ZippyZippy Posts: 189
edited June 2009 in MTB buying advice
I've seen lots of people recommending buying Bollé specs off that auction-site for not much money; but are they the type that darkens automatically the stronger the sunshine (and vice-versa)? Do give the exact model if you know, please.

(Me, I got some of those el cheapo Aldi ones with dark, amber and clear lenses – but can't be bothered changing them over. Duhh.)

Thanks, all.



  • Wacky RacerWacky Racer Posts: 638
    You need to search for "photochromic" lenses, these are the ones which are virtually clear in dull conditions, but darken in sunlight. A word of warning, alot of these are quick to darken, but slow to lighten again, some are better than others, although alot quicker than changing lenses!
    Ridley Orion
  • Wacky RacerWacky Racer Posts: 638 ... 7C294%3A50

    The link above should work, not so cheap though, almost £60.00
    Ridley Orion
  • Surf-MattSurf-Matt Posts: 5,952
    They are indeed - you need the ones with "ESP" lenses.

    I got these for me, wife and my Dad! ... 1|294%3A50

    TOTAL bargain!

    They are great for running too - plenty clear enough in woods and darker bits then they go darker in the sun - ideal!
  • ZippyZippy Posts: 189
    Thanks, Wacky Racer; and you, too, Surf-Matt, ESPecially for the link.

  • avoidingmyphdavoidingmyphd Posts: 1,154
    i think we're allowed to mention ebay on here zippy!

    thanks surf-matt for the link. they look great!
  • +1, bought myself some too and immediately got asked where I got them from after a mate wanted some too!
    Newbie with a Felt Q720

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  • ZippyZippy Posts: 189
    i think we're allowed to mention ebay on here zippy!

    thanks surf-matt for the link. they look great!

    'eBay'? no, I meant 'eBuy' the other auction-site (that I've just made up).

    I'm sure you're right, 'avoidingmyphd' – it's just a habit. Why, I even just now posted a thread about the ASDA store at Wigmore, 'L*ton' then had to put 'near the airport' for clarification. (I'm daft, me.) (And when I tried to 'disguise' the brand-name 'ASDA' it came-out like the name of a music-hall auntie: 'A*DA'!)

    Tra-la; it's all fun.

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