Anyone with a Giant Defy 4?

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Looking at buying one of these (cos I cant afford more than £500) but cant find decent reviews....except by Giant...which dont really count methinks :-)

Any owners care to comment??




  • I tried a Defy 3 and 4 today... put money down on a 3 for a bit better components but was very very tempted by the 4.

    Gotta go try it out or yourself... see how you like the feel of the bike.
  • SCR Pedro
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    Hey there,

    The Defy series all use the same frame, so if you are really pushed for cash at the moment, then buy the Defy4 and upgrade the components when funds allow.

    I don't think anyone who has bought a Defy has regretted it.

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    My mate bought one and I set it up for him. I had a little test ride on it just to check that the gears worked perfectly and I was amazed how stiff the frame was. The 25c tyres offer a comfy ride and the components, although good for the cash, could be upgraded at a later date if needs be.
  • bristolpete
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    Having looked long and hard at the market, the defy bikes are without doubt very highly regarded bikes with very high scores across the board, from expert review to internet opinion.

    The opinion is superb bang for the buck and a bike that can be ridden all day long but ridden fast when needed.

    I have settled on Defy now, just mulling over 2 or 3.....
  • PinkPedal
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    I have a Defy 1 and I love it!

    I don't have anything technical to say about it but it is really comfortable and smooth and a joy to ride. I've swapped the tyres for 700x23. I've read some really solid reviews of the Defys online, they definitely seem to be well regarded.
  • chrisf70
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    I got a Defy 3 two weeks ago, and I'm out on it all the time, it just begs to be ridden. If you can find a Defy3 for the 50-70 quid more than your £500 I would get a 3.

    I looked at the Defy 4 but the 3 has quite a lot better kit for a smaller outlay than it would cost to upgrade later. The 3s rims are better, groupset, seatpost and just looks a bit more for the money.

    It's quick and comfy.
  • wiffachip
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    unless you're very fit or don't plan on going up any hills, the gearing on the 4 looks pretty uncompromising, compared to the 3

    I think a pretty low bottom gear makes all the difference to people just setting out, I'm not suggesting you are though
  • EssexSuffolk
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    As others have said, the Defy range is pretty solid and I'm very pleased with my Defy 2. Used it in a recent triathlon and it was joy to just blast along quiet roads!
  • Essex Man
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    Got a 3 myself. Very happy. Glad I got a triple as a beginner for the hills and would recommend the 3 over the 4 for that reason.
  • stretch64
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    Thanks everyone....I bought a 3 yesterday! Just had 1st ride on it today...felt incredible....very comfy but fast at same time.

    Looks like theres a national shortage of Defys but I got a very good deal from the "local" bike shop who had one left...

  • grahamcs
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    had a Defy4 for 6 months and really still as good as ever. Got it for a good price and seemed good value compared with the 3.
  • stretch64 wrote:
    Thanks everyone....I bought a 3 yesterday! Just had 1st ride on it today...felt incredible....very comfy but fast at same time.

    Looks like theres a national shortage of Defys but I got a very good deal from the "local" bike shop who had one left...


    Congrats on the new bike.. exciting innit :D
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  • Just brought a Defy 4 triple the other week, first ever road bike. Only been for a couple of short rides so far but love it. Just added new clipless peddles tonight, so first ever go on them this weekend
  • I have a Defy 2.5. It amazing, Handles really well and a joy to ride. Would have liked the Blue colour scheme but was out of budget (I think, can't remember). I have had the bike for a full year now and still get excited when I know I'm going for a ride.

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  • I also have a Defy 2.5, can't find a single flaw in this bike. Where I live the roads are very bad still it is a comfortable ride. I haven't upgraded anything except the pedals of course. I just regret having a triple would have preferred a compact.
  • Brewer
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    Been riding a Defy3 since April last year. Virtually faultless. It may seem a small complaint, but the mudguards are a very tight fit over the tyres. Apart from that, my wife might wish it was less comfortable so that I spent more time at home. Recommended without hesitation.
  • rjh299
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    Had a Defy 4 while on holiday in New Zealand last year and the gears did my head in. Poor components so I would try for the 3 if you can stretch your budget.
  • Hello
    I've done quite a lot of research into getting a first road bike..and the defy range seems to come out good, strong frame and good for the money. My question is how much different is the defy 1 to the 4 in weight?


  • ademort
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    I have the Defy 4, nothing wrong with it. Use it for work and i pass people with much higher specced bikes, no problem.
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    If i was you, i'd stretch to the 3.5. Same spec, just carbon forks instead of alloy forks. Helps to cancel out the road chatter.

    I was lucky enough to have used my LBS for the last 5 years, and spent a massive amount there recently, i got my defy 3 for just under the £500 mark.

    But i'd definately try to get hte 3.5 instead of the 4, but if you canreally afford it, the spec upgrade in the defy 3 is really worth it.
  • oh right thanks for the advice...I have looked at the defy 3 in the bike shop down the road and the 3.5 with the carbon forks..I might upgrade to them, I'd defiantly need them for the road round here, they are terrible full of pot holes..

    any way thanks for the advice
  • PH5121
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    There isn't a Defy 1 in the normal Defy range (ie not Defy advanced) this year. However the weights for the 'normal' aluminium framed Defy models (taken from the Giant website) are:

    Defy 2 21.05lb
    Defy 3 22.03lb
    Defy 3.5 23.00lb
    Defy 4 25.00lb

    I have just bought a Defy 3 which I should get tomorrow, so I cannot actually comment on what they are like yet!
  • BikeyMikey1
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    Bought the Defy 3 last August. My first introduction to a road bike. Very good value for money and compares very well to my Bianchi Nirone which costs £300 more. The Giant is a very comfy ride and I now use it as a commuter. The only niggle I had was the rubbish pedals which I've now changed for clipless.
  • captain_chaos
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    I bought a Defy 4 just over a year ago. Since done 4000 miles in all weathers. Worn out 2 tyres, 2 sets of brake pads, and 2 chains but everything else faultless. Comfortable, quick (its the rider not just the bike) but not too expensive to worry about leaving at work or riding through bad weather. Mine is a 2009 model with Alu frame and Carbin fork. Would recommend thoroughly
  • Brommers76
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    Defy 2 2009 model. Very good bike and not markedly slower than my best bike, particularly on the flat. Always have a couple of gears left up hills so I would say a triple may be of limited use but depends on weight/fitness.