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Feel and size of bike - how to alter it so it feels bigger.

uch255guch255g Posts: 93
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I have giant trance 2007 medium. Been riding it a year but it is just too small for me. Tried to get a swap to a large but no takers.

Can anyone advise me how to make it feel slightly bigger. The large is actually slightly too big so i just need to tinker here and there.

I have added a longer seat post. Any advice on stem, handle bars, lay back seat post etc. Alternative should i sell it and get a new bike.

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  • uch255guch255g Posts: 93
    I am 5ft 11 1/2inch
    On One Inbred
  • Back swept seat post?
    Longer stem?
    Different stem rise?
    Different bar rise?
    Longer crank arms?

    Failing that, new frame i'm afraid.
  • P-JayP-Jay Posts: 1,478
    You could fit a longer stem, it'll slow the stearing down a bit, but tbh at high speed you're not really stearing anyway. In the meantime as a freebie you could roll your bars forward, slide the seat back on the rails, raise the bars a bit if you've got some spacers on top.
  • nmarchininmarchini Posts: 109
    using a longer stem and wider bars will affect the handling. You really need to get a larger frame. Longer stem will make the steering slow and you might find you riding is worse because of this. It might even cause more accidents.

    Moving the saddle back and using a laid back seatpost will move you out of position on the bike and might give you knee problems as well

    You should get a new frame.
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