Focus Cayo Seatpost Diameter?

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As the title says, really. Anyone know the diameter of the seatpost? -It's not listed in the technical specs on Focus' website.



  • Gelicate
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    I'm pretty sure its 31.6mm. i recently fitted mine with a 27.2mm seat post and a "shim" to make up the difference.
  • Ash_
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    Jake 151, I don't own the frame yet, hence the question...

    Just trying to work out if I've got the right parts to do the build, or if i'll have to do some shopping...
  • Gazzaputt
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    It is 31.6mm.
  • Ash_
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    Perfect. Thanks!
  • Gazzaputt wrote:
    It is 31.6mm.

    It is indeed. Just changed the seatpost on my Cayo.

    As already said, it should also be written somewhere on the post that is already in.
    It doesn't get any easier, but I don't appear to be getting any faster.