How to look cool at you LBS (not)

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Saturday morning I called in at an LBS that I don't usually use - I overheard a customer talking about the shop'sorganised "runs and rides". When it was my turn to be served I asked when were these runs and rides, and then (in front of god knows how many people) "what's the difference between a run and a ride?" (thinkng it was something to do with length or intensity) - at that very moment I realise its a triathlon specialist - the guy looks me in the eye and with a straight face says "well on a ride we tend to take our bicycles, and on a run we just, sort of run"

I don't know if I can go back to pick up my repair job. I might have to ask them the difference between riding and swimming next time


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    Ahaha, great story, really!
    Dang, things like this happen all the time.
    I'm glad also people whose native language is English can step onto such a trap.
    Take it easy, mate. Walk in there with a smile on your face - at least they'll remember you!
    1,000km+ a month, strictly road.
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    I do stuff like that all the time, don't worry, its quite nice if people think you are mental.
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    No one will know it's you.....


    honest :lol:
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    It's the shops fault for mixing the two. It's ridiculous to think it's possible for people to 'run' as well as ride, let alone swimming!

    Gentle strolls to the bar maybe...
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    I've just read your post and laughed out loud. I'm glad it's not just me who does these things. Good on yer! :oops:
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    Marko1962 wrote:
    No one will know it's you.....


    honest :lol:

    Unfortunately I bear an uncanny likeness to Groucho Marx.

    Even more unfortunately I'm a girl
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    Not really - I'm an ugly old bloke