Worlds first 24 hour road race!!! from beginners to pro's

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Hey guys an girls,

If anyone is interested in entering in a 24 hour road bike event which is taking place in Co. Mayo in September 09 log on to The race is open for all catergories from those new to the sport to the mountain bike elite. Don't be put off by the name you wont literally be riding for 24 hours!! If your not a fitness fanatic why not think about entering as a team, each team member must complete one lap as a minimum which is acheivable for even the Sundy cyclits.

For more information log on to the website
Contact or
Tel: 095 43411

log on and sign up

Best Rgds



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    It doesn't say how long the race is.
  • NapoleonD wrote:
    It doesn't say how long the race is.

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    I'd like the challenge of going round a track for 24 hours.
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    Great idea, but I have to correct you here though.
    My cycle club called 2RadChaoten (bicycle slobs) starts a 24hr road bike event every year since 2004 named "Kraftwerktrophy".
    2009 and 2008, nobody less than a certain Mr Jure Robic has won the title as best solo rider.
    Other pretty traditional 24hr races are in Munich, for example.

    Wish you all the best. Cycling for 24hrs is huge fun once you don't feel your butt hurting anymore.
    1,000km+ a month, strictly road.