Which pants?

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This is'nt the easiest question for a manly man to ask and im not a massive pervert or a wierdo but what pants are you chaps wearing under your baggies?

The reason I ask is that I currently wear CK boxers which keep everything snug and out the way as required by they dont half ride up during the ride. Ive just had to surgically remove a pair from places you don't want to know about! Ive tried sports briefs too but find they cut in a bit in places.

I'm talking about MTB specific baggies with a padded liner. I could just go commando i suppose.

Ladies need not reply (unless they want to and remember pictures or it didn't happen)

Thanks. :D
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    if it has a padded liner then what the question?

    no liner then For XC type rides Lycra cycling shorts.

    for DH what ever is clean.
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    I just make sure that whatever I wear doesn't soak sweat, or have a massive seam in the crotch. But maybe I'm not the best example since I don't use padded shorts or anything either, never bothers me at all.
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    I go to my local cash and carry and by packs of 3 pairs of calvin styled boxers for £4 a pop, yes, 3 pairs for £4. At this price you can by about 15 pair of keks for the price of one branded pair. They fit well and even the oldest pairs have stood up to whatever my garbage and washing machine has thrown at them. Suitable for all sports, and ensure that your "garbage stays in the can". I have yet to find any advantage provided by CK branded or similar, other than snob value.

    p.s. dont wear any of these with a pair of shorts that has an elaticated liner, they will firstly bunch up and cut into your groin, and if worn regularly will continue to rub and become seriously painful (CK branded or not)

    *edit* in terms of "baggies" I just wear a simple pair of baggy shorts under a tenner without a liner, got some nice Kickers and Fifa ones around £6