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Evans Cycles - Gatwick

Jonesy.Jonesy. Posts: 94
edited June 2009 in MTB buying advice
I presume that lots of you have been to the Evans Cycles warehouse in Gatwick...

Please could someone tell me what the roads are like around there in terms of test riding a bike? I know it's on an industrial estate, so I guess the roads are fairly quiet, but are there any hills in the area to test the uphill ability of a bike?

Obviously you can never test out a mountain bike properly on the road, but at least you can get an idea of fit and feel.



  • Mr WuMr Wu Posts: 1,238
    -1 I havent been.

    Went once and was a load of tosh.
  • GSDogGSDog Posts: 129
    Mr Wu wrote:
    -1 I havent been.

    Went once and was a load of tosh.

    So you have or you haven't been? :?
    Try being a bit more specific. "Went once and was a load of tosh" probably won't help the OP.
  • smegurmumsmegurmum Posts: 181
    its fairly flat towards the airport direction (east) , im not to sure of the gradient to the west
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  • Big ShoesBig Shoes Posts: 131
    There are no hills around it, you would have to cycle a long way to find any, as you say, it is in the industrial estate and all flat.
    If the bike doesnt weigh that much and has about 4" of travel, it should be fine.
    If it is heavy and has 7" of travel then it would probably climb badly, or get one with U-Turn forks.
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  • scottoscotto Posts: 381
    about ten minutes round the corner (by bike) there is some good mud and grass areas, they ran a ride round there a couple of years back

    theres also an moto x track smack bang opposite the store if you have a look over the hedge.

    test your bike there and then buy from somewhere else.
  • BigJimmyBBigJimmyB Posts: 1,302
    I wil never, ever shop at Evans again, for anything, even they are the cheapest of the cheap.

    I'll keep my reasons to myself, but it basically involves gross incompletance (which sadly I cannot prove) and me not having my bike for 2 months this spring/summer (when I'd like to use it most).

    Utter to$$ers.
  • beefriskbeefrisk Posts: 18
    kind of have to agree with the to$$er comment ! they seem to have some good staff but more idiots ! Mate just bought a 2k road bike and when he got home and took it for a spin he couldn't change gears ! ! ! they said 1 day after he walked out the shop " yes we will sort that for you but you will have to use your free 6 week service to fix it "

    Do you think he accepted that ? I think not !

    and yesterday 2 different staff from the same store contradicted each other on the best wheel for my bike ! the difference being about £90 ! I wonder if commission is involved ?

    But after all that there is one guy who really knows his apples in the store in canary wharf and its just a case of catching him and not one of the buffoons they have working there ! !
  • I had an "experience" in Evans at the weekend. Well it's dragged on over the last 2 weekends actually. Result = They've now lost £1500 worth of business and I'll never use them again. It just seems to be run by kids who really don't give a ****.
  • Sorry, don't know about the hills but going by my experience I think you'll be lucky if they have the bike they promised built and in working order for you to test anyway.
  • Jonesy.Jonesy. Posts: 94
    Thanks for all the feedback guys.

    Sounds like Evans is one to avoid. I must admit that my experience of buying some new grips in one of their London stores also wasn't particularly smooth - the guy serving me was evidently on his first day and didn't know how to use the till. I've used them online though for small stuff and they've been fine.

    However, they did have some bikes in stock that I wanted to test ride, so I suppose there's no harm in going for a ride and then buying from somewhere else. A bit cheeky I suppose, but that's the consumer's prerogative!
  • dandrewdandrew Posts: 175
    Evans main road shop in London ( The Cut ) is fine. The assistant insisted on loosely attaching cleats onto a new pair of shoes for me and couldn't have been more helpful. Spent ages chatting about bikes etc.
  • scottoscotto Posts: 381
    I bought a 2k carbon from them, arrived with loads of scratches on the frame and stem, the headset was also loose fitting.

    They offered me a £50.00 voucher as compensation over the phone and told me that was 'generous' :-).

    I took it to the shop in chiswick where I had a member of staff talking to me like i was in the ghetto arguing over a drug deal.

    They then offered me £200.00 in vouchers, which I refused on principle that i had to driver 2 hours round journey to get to the shop, got my refund and left the ripped up box in the doorway.

    I would never buy from them again, proper scum retailer and there are shops who will beat their prices if you ask.
  • nonnac85nonnac85 Posts: 1,608
    Have to say I use Evans in MK all the time and have never had anything except excellent customer service even on a busy Saturday.
    They have price-matched webprices and discounted workshop charges without being asked several times. I will go back!
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  • HardrockRobHardrockRob Posts: 230
    I have just purchased my Stumpy FSR comp from them and can't complain. I think if you know what you want, have done your home work and they can do the right price, no reason not to use them.
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