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Does anybody know if there are any cycle maintenance courses available anywhere near Leigh (Manchester)
I would love to know how maintain my bike properly, but feel that being shown how to do it properly would be the sensible way rather than just diving in with a mallet and chisel.


  • CumbrianMan
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    Edinboro bike shop in Mcr do a one day 'Intensive Cycle Maintenance course for £48.

    See ... cardinal=8

    If you want something a bit better, then in Caernarvon, Nth Wales, do a variety of courses, including C&G certification, see

    There's also Cytech training (which I think is becoming a bit of a standard, but don't quote me), available at ATG Training in Newton Heath, Manchester. various courses available, such as the Home Mechanic (£250 for 2 day course). See

    Good luck whichever you do :D
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    Cheers CumbrianMan - I will look in those suggestions
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    have a look in the tech links sticky in the MTB Tech section as there are a few courses listed.
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    mcr Velodrome are doing a maintenance class on 22/8