Clicking when out of saddle?

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That is the bike - not me by the way!
I am new to this road cycling malarky and have only got a Trek 1.2 (thought I would suss it out first before splashing out a stack of cash on a better bike)
Anyway, enough rambling - generally the bike seems to be riding ok - until I get out of the saddle and really try going for it. There is a pretty loud clicking / creaking coming from somewhere around the crank. As soon as I plonk my backside back in the saddle it stops. Any ideas? Cheers


  • gundersen
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    and have only got a Trek 1.2

    Hey who cares what you got -as long as you think its fun.

    About the clicking - a common problem of aluminium loose in aluminium. Would be you bottom bracket thats a bit loose I guess.
  • FCE2007
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    The clicking is usually my knees :oops:
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  • tgardi
    tgardi Posts: 32
    Thanks for the response(s) I will check my knees and then take the bike to LBS (I have very limited knowledge) and get them to check it out.
  • peanut1978
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    pobably your headset (just a guess)

    open it up and put a little grease on it

    tends to dry out a little
  • bazbadger
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    I had a clicking when out of the saddle - could also replicate it when off the bike by pushing or pulling on the bars.

    Took headset apart a few times - greased it, but still did not solve it. Then I pulled the crown race up slightly (split type - so easy) and cleaned that and re-installed.

    Creaking gone - problem solved.
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  • I had the same and it was the Shimano SPD -SL Pedals .. but took me a while to isolate it to them rather than the crank etc .. few drops of oil on the pedal bearings seems to have fixed it .. been good for around 500 miles so far.
  • nicensleazy
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    Sounds like your rear mech could be out of line. A good bike shop will have the special tool to use
  • hitthewall
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    Similar to bazbadger...

    I've had this recently. Convinced it came from the crank/BB area. Removed, refitted cranks, checked tightness on chain rings, changed bottom bracket outboard cups yesterday. Still there....

    Fiddled around and oiled spoke nipples, greased rear drop-outs. No change.

    Thought not much left so undid stem bolts, headset bearing pre-load bolt/cap, took off stem. Greased lightly around tube, spacers and refitted everything. Nipped up headset bearing pre-load just a touch more than before. Went out for a ride yesterday and the noise is gone!!

    I was so sure it was from the crank/BB. At least I now have useable spare BB cups for next time.
  • John.T
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    Check the QR on the rear wheel. Take the wheel out and lightly grease the drop-outs and QR. Refit and make sure the QR is fairly tight. It worked for me.
  • orbeasean
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    i had exact same problem took of pedals applied some grease to thread retighten noise gone
  • verloren
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    You may be thinking by now that it could be just about any part on your bike. Unfortunately that's because it could!

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