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marzochi forks - GT

bigbonedbigboned Posts: 151
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my head is melted with choices right now - ive been able to try a couple of bikes over last few weeks and i was pretty much decided on a GT

Bike will be from Halfords in ROI but im struggling to find feedback on the forks in the range

i can see on the XCR they have a 15mm thru axle so strength is all good but thats it can someone in the know give me a comparison on the marzochi's with comparable RS so i know where im at please

also is the XCR worth the extra over the XC1 ?

do i need to put links up etc?

Marzocchi 44TST2 fork with 140mm travel, 15mm thru axle, adjustable rebound and compression damping and lockout. on the XCR - 140mm seems alot of travel i was looking at 100m for general riding etc is this too much? wrong style of bike?
For the muddy - Boardman comp frame ( to match the roadie) running saint/ fox
For the blacktop - Boardman Pro Carbon

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