Road Rash

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Not exactly a beginners topic, but I wasn't sure where else to put it.

Has anyone got any tips on how to speed up the healing process of road rash? In particular any good advice on how to stop it weeping and sticking to your clothes without hindering the healing process (i.e. sticking a great big gauze over it).

Not a nice subject I know, but I am desperate. :oops:


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    Chris, soz to hear about your crash.

    The hossie used stuff called Opsite Post-Op that they put over the gauze and it was freaking awesome. I have a load spare if you want to come and get it.
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    Cool. Might just do that. I am on the chaingang tonight, but might be able to get over tomorrow evening. I'll drop you an email if I can get over and see if the time suits you.

    I feel a right wuss, it's only the size of a beer matt but its driving me nuts!
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    No worries, I'm in anyway. You just need to get some gauze to put on the rash then this stuff over the top.

    RR stings like a bugger! I had three big patches on my legs and some on my left torso. Thankfully the morphine helped :D
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    leave it open and allow it to dry out - do not cover it. This will probably go against all the medical advice you have been given, but it is by far the quickest way for it to heal...
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    Putting something over it will keep it clean and stop it sticking to your clothes, but will actually slow down healing, as you won't have the drying effect of the air. If you think you might have any gravel or grit in it that you can't get out with fishing around or scrubbing, cover it to prevent it healing too quickly, before alt the grit has come out (i.e. weeping is a cleaning process and will remove the smaller bits of grit). Otherwise you end up, years later, with grit still in there and making the occasional re-appearance, which can be quite painful (depending on the size of the gravel) and means the scar never fully heals, and is raised, due to the large amount of sh1te below the top layers of skin. I know this; I have lots of black bits under my skin which, after some itching and pain, pop out of me, leaving a small hole (and some bleeding), on about an annual basis - and this is 6 years after the initial accident... :roll: It seems I just heal too quickly!
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    It's one thing have it heal quickly but it's far more important for it to heal properly. With the Opsite stuff it is comfortable and heals properly, my two patches on my upper thigh are now barely visible (I can only see them because I know they are there) and the really bad one on my lower leg has almost gone.
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    opsite post-op is great. try and buy online and keep some handy, then keep fingers crossed that you don't need it.
    it fits in a jersey pocket easily, so also worth taking on a long ride with a few antiseptic wipes...
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    Lavender oil mixed with warm water definitely seems to speed healing and is an antiseptic. Not very pro peloton I grant you but it does the trick.
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