First ride review of PR I900 Cobra adjustable seatpost

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Had my first ride on it today and it's pretty amazing. First things first, It's not heavy and the 5' adjustability gives you an overall length of 400mm which is ample height for big guys (I'm 6'5'' tall)

I got the lever control one and admittedly it's a bit sticky to get the saddle down, but this did improve the more I used it. The real surprise is the speed which the saddle comes back when you want to raise the post back - takes one flick of the lever and up she pops.

No more dismounting and I had a much more fluid ride.

So far it's brilliant, but I hope it stays that way.


  • Sounds great, might have to get one the next time I'm feeling super-flush.

    Just out of interest, how long is it when fully compressed and (this could be a really stupid question) can you cut it down at all- I mean, is there any space left the bottom of the post when it's fully compressed that you could lop off if required?
  • yoohoo999
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    great! keep us updated :)

    i'm planning to buy the remote version of this exact post in a week or so
  • Naveed
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    When fully compressed it's pretty much like having a normal seatpost slammed down all the way. I don't think you'll need to chop it down either. Also it comes in some decent packaging with an excellent guide which shows you how to service it.

    Got my lever version at Leisurelakes for £140 and It looks to be money well spent.

    Fingers crossed - oh, I forgot to mention, it looks so much cooler than any average seatpost, and my last post was a Thompson, it looks the dogs and will immediately make your bike look llike an am beast that's ready to attack!