Hot Weather Base Layers

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I'm thinking of buying a hot weather base layer. This one, in fact...

My logic is that I'd like to use it on the Etape Du Tour, under my short sleeve jersey. I figure it might help to take the edge off if it's a cold morning (cycling 10 miles to the start) and if it's a bit chilly on that little hill we're finishing on. I also want to protect my arms from the sun if it's hot.

Add to that the fact that it's in the sale and I've been given a CRC gift voucher...

But I've only ever worn base layers when it's been cool... never a hot weather one.

Anyone used them and if so, would you recommend it? Does it actually help to keep you cool? And is this Ionx malarkey genuinely good technology or marketing nonsense...?



  • flasher
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    Only used these and they work a treat :)
  • nferrar
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    Not sure about the Ionx one but would recommend the Craft one that Flasher linked to. Not sure I agree with your plan either, IMO better to use a s/s base layer under a s/s jersey and take arm warmers if needed (can get unlined ones). If it's just for UV protection then slap some Reinman P20 on.