FSA Carbon Pro Stem

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Anyone had any experience of these?

JE James has them pretty well discounted and I'm considering it...

http://www.jejamescycles.co.uk/fsa-carb ... 34242.html

There's also the K-Force, but then that's a whole new ball game...



  • simon johnson
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    No, looks the part though. I've just ordered some FSA K-wing bars (U.S. seller on ebay!?!), which would look nice with that.

    They're only showing stock for 110cm, but I'd advise you to call JE James to verify their stock level before ordering (if you do so)- from personal experience.
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  • Gary D
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    It is very similar to the one that came as standard on my Bianchi 928. It is a stem - it works - simple as that! :wink::wink:

    I am actually looking for a 120mm version of that same model and cannot find one as I don't think it is made anymore. If the 110mm is the right size - definitely buy it :):)
    You will not find a carbon or carbon wrap FSA stem for anywhere near that price now. The FSA equivalent now is the OS-99 CSI and the RRP is over £100 :shock: :shock:

    And yes, it does look nice with the FSA K-Wing bars :D:D as I have those as well.

    Oh and I feel like I've been raped by an Orangutan :shock: And I've got legs like Girders :lol:
  • Anonymous
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    I have the OS99 carbon stem and the carbon K force compact bars, match made in heaven...

    If they have your size left then go for it! (A bit on the heavy side though, almost quarter of a pound heavier than mine ;) )
  • Ash_
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    One of these came on my Colnago CLX...

    If you want the practicality (and lower cost) of an alloy stem but with the looks of a carbon one, then it's a decent choice. It's no lightweight, though.

    The graphics aren't too 'busy' and the carbon weave is neat and pretty (as you'd expect as it's only cosmetic).

    I've never seen one in stock anywhere in anything other than 110mm though, but if this is your size, why not?

    FSA also do some matching wing bars and a variety of seatposts which might go well with it if you want.
  • london-red
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    Thanks all

    I already have a pair of Wing pro Compact on the bike in my signature, but the white stem is really hurting my eyes. I know it's a total vanity thing, but I'm thinking of swapping it out for a black stem, preferably carbon/carbon effect.

    The problem I then have is that the bars are white, despite the tape being black.

    Planet-X sales aren't always the answer :roll:
  • hey guys I have a brand new for sale FSA Carbonpro stem 120mm. here's the description;

    Stunning looking stem with fantastic rigidity to help you climb up and over those off-road obstacles or sprint to victory on the road!

    Standard 1/1/8th steerer clamp / OS 31.8mm DIA handlebar clamp, 6 degree rise for mtb or 84 degree for road.

    Lightweight easton Aluminium with a very eye catching carbon fibre top layer.

    120mm - 208g
    Contact me at rou2@hotmail.com thanks