To insure or not to insure?

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Hi all,

As some of you may or may not have read, I had a car stolen by an armed gang of trolls recently had my bike in back.

Just got a £3k bike, and upgraded brakes. Its so far totally uninsured other than partly by my credit card. Also going to Alps to do Mega at the end of the month, so been thinking about insurance. Last time I looked they wanted a 3rd of the value of the bike a YEAR. FFS.

Riding every weekend I see lots of bikes in the £800-4000+ mark, we're all in the same boat in terms of risk of loss, theft or binning them.

Do you guys insure your bikes?

If so, who with can you recommend any good companies to us forum folk?



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    add it to household, M&S do good cover and away from home as well, my bikes and my flatemates came to about £200 a year in central oxford for about 3.5K of bikes.
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    Yes...but through my house insurance.

    OK this doesn't cover accidental damage but I refuse to pay more to insure £3k of bike per month than I do covering my buildings and contents.

    Just another overpriced insurance policy most of us don't need. And another overpriced bike related thing most of us don't need.
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    Yes but again only household.
  • cee
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    through household but am interested in finding a reasonably priced specialist insurer as well
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    Yep, household :)
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  • .blitz
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    Another vote for bunging the bikes on the contents insurance. Named items are usually covered providing you take reasonable care of them.
  • camerone
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    Yep - household.
    my bikes are insured for £3k,£3k,£1k so total £7k and it adds about £175 a year to household bill. includes accidental damage away from house and theft away from house
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    yer, coz then when i nick it yous can get a new one and i can nick that as well innit.
  • randomage
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    I've insured mine with endsleigh, cost about 95 iirc. Good service too. that was for a bike worth 1k.
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    Mine are insured but only at home, as thats the most likely place they will be stolen, neighbour is a complete scally and im sure given half a chance he would have them away! but they are locked up with 2 gold standard locks and a silver so fairly secure.

    Tried to get the cover outside of the flat but far too expensive, but may get my new build insured as im struggling to find somewhere to lock it too!
  • I've considered it, but it's liek £30 per month through the usual cycle insurance companies and my house hold insurance is through HSBC who only was willing to cover a total of £1500 for the bikes .... and each bike is £1500 ... will look at switching to M&S Home Insurnace and do the cost difference and let u know
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  • Daz555
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    I added my spesh onto home contents for about £2.50 a month.
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  • Biggus86
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    I asked my ma earlier and she rang up and they said that theres already a bike under house contents up to £1000.
  • grumsta
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    I'm insured with these people -

    Think its about £130 a year for my mtb and road bike (about £2200 total) - but it is covered when out of the house (locked with a certain rating of lock) including being locked to a bike rack.

    Not covered if someone strips your bike of all its bits though sadly.