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Rubbing Gears Giant Defy 2.5

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I have little experience of bikes/riding. Ive just bought a Giant defy 2.5 and when the gears was in the highest position the front shifter rubbed on the chain slightly making an annoying sound.

I took the bike back to the shop and when it returned it was no longer rubbing in the highest gear but it does rub in other gears that were previously ok.

My question is this..... Is a range of 27 gears too much for the shifters to cope with or do bikes with 27 gears geberally cope well. If its the later I'll take the bike back again.

Many thanks


  • pompeypoppypompeypoppy Posts: 182
    There shouldn't be any rub at all if the front derallieur has been set spot on. If it does, this could be a defect with bike.

    I would definitely take it back if it continues, but more than likely the derallieur just needs a quarter turn on one of the screws.
  • guillianoguilliano Posts: 5,495
    Depends if you are in bigring/big sprocket combo as this puts stress on the chain and can cause rubbing on the inside of the front mech. Same with little ring/little sprocket combo on the outside of the mech
  • galaxyboygalaxyboy Posts: 168
    Try shifting your front mech a tiny bit up/down depending on which side is rubbing, they quite often have a setting for it.
  • Thanks for the replies im going to take it back to the shop and try again......
  • GarzGarz Posts: 1,155
    galaxyboy wrote:
    Try shifting your front mech a tiny bit up/down depending on which side is rubbing, they quite often have a setting for it.

    This is what you should try before returning to the shop. ^

    Your mechanism may require you to shift, as if theres more settings than gears. This may be so you can nullify the rubbing.
  • When its on the biggest cog at the front it needs to be able to do another half shift. i know this beacuse if I ride along with the gear lever pushed in it nullifies the rubbing as the shifter aligns properly. The problem of course is when I release the lever it goes back to rubbing.

    It would be better if the "half shift" stayed by itself but its not set like that so I'll take it back and see what the shop can do.

    Im grateful for the replies as im now confident that i should pursue the position where I have the full range of 27 gears with no rubbing. I half thought that someone might tell me that with 27 gears you always get 'rub' somewhere along the range but that doesn't seem to be the case.

    Thanks again...
  • GarzGarz Posts: 1,155
    I had this problem on my older hybrid trail bike where it had three notches for the large crank even though there was only two cogs. It was probably never set right, however as I got fitter I never used the bottom cog so I quicky forgot about that annoyance.
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