Ebay getting expensive

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Seems to be getting expensive to sell on Ebay. I was amazed at the final value fee they charged me on a recent sale. Also, what with the expensive Paypal fee, its getting too bloody expensive! :(


  • drewfromrisca
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    I've stopped using it simply because of those reason's!!!
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    I've stopped using it simply because of those reason's!!!

    Me too, well that and both my accounts got hacked :roll:
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  • mrushton
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    Probably like Ticketmaster. The more charges they can get away with the higher the return
  • Mettan
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    Yep, agreed - Ebay's a bit of a hassle for Sellers these days - fees have gone up alot (Ebay/PayPal) over the last 18 months (and Royal Mail's aswell) - and then there's the dodgy/unreasonable buyers who can nitpick at will and cause decent sellers alot of stress - feel sorry for some of the small-time buisnesses on there.

    Anyone know what Ebid's like for sellers these days ??
  • Le Commentateur
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    I once had a plan to sell loads of unwanted stuff – mainly hundreds of books acquired during a 15 year career in publishing -- but the sheer time invested in photographing and listing it all, combined with my impatience at having boxes of old books etc stacked around the house that I just want rid of, convinced me that Oxfam/Cancer Research donations are a better use of my time and space.

    And large format hardback books are often hefty items that cost a few quid to post -- a cost that has to be paid upfront and, when eventually recouped from the buyer, goes into my PayPal account rather than back into my wallet, which simply tempts me to trawl Ebay for even more non-essential stuff to buy, thus adding to the clutter.
  • bagpusscp
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    e bay = easy money for those that own it :evil: It is all load in the buyers favor.I do not use it any more.
  • pedylan
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    mrushton wrote:
    Probably like Ticketmaster. The more charges they can get away with the higher the return

    Too right. Booked three tickets for a concert in Hyde Park. Was charged £45 per ticket. The site strongly advised receiving your tickets by email and printing them yourself.

    For this privilege I was charged £5 per ticket - £15 to receive one email.

    If they'd charged £50 a ticket and issued a "free" email I'd be prepared to use Ticketmaster again and probably felt it was good value. As it is, with this rip off, I'll have to really want to see the act to use these bums again.

    Oh and ebay IS extortionate. Sold a lap top and mp3 player for a combined £240 and paid nearly £40 in charges in total.
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