Front Brake: Avid Juicy 3 Hydraulic Disc

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Hi all

I have Marin Point Ryes with the above front brake.

Are such front brakes designsed so they do not lock under heavy braking as opposed to the rear brakes.

Many thanks for your time



  • ratty2k
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    Nope, pull hard enough it may lock up... But you'll feel it as you ride, and know how much power to give the lever.
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  • Atz
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    All brakes (assuming they're decent quality) will lock the wheel in the right conditions (speed, surface etc). As the poster above said, learn the limits in conditions and modulate as you go, effectively mimicing ABS with your fingers.
  • FSR_XC
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    It is much more difficult to lock the front (unless on loose ground).

    When you brake you push your weight to the front therefore lightening the rear (so it will lock up easier) and giving the front more to stop.

    The further back your weight, the less chance the rear will lock up - which means better distributed and more efficent braking.
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