Fitting in with the cool kids (road cycling on an MTB)

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Hey people,
Wondering if you can advise on something. I've signed up for an off road event in September and as it's my first I'm needing to put down a lot of miles to get the stamina up (and the fat down) As I'm needing to pull in some road miles as I think that's better for endurance I'm wanting to perhaps join a cycle club type thing in Glasgow). Only prob with that I can see is that I'm using a hardtail MTB. Would that be an issue with me wanting to do this (i.e. not having a road specific bike)?

Any advice would be appreciated :)
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  • STEFANOS4784
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    Put some slick tyres on there and you'll be fine. I recall many people on this forum stating that they've joined clubs on heavy ol' MTB's.
    However get a road bike if you can afford it cos they're sooooooooo great :D
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    The only problem might be your average speed as some clubs won't be too happy to hang around. Most beginner rides average 15mph for about 40 miles, if you can do this solo then you should have no problem in a club ride.
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    Find out if the club you're interested in has groups of varying fitness / ability. You will find it difficult to keep up with a rider of equal fitness ridng a racer if you're on a mountain bike even if you get slick tyres for it.
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    Depends on you and the group I suppose... with slicks you'd be OK with some groups, with others you might find yourself a bit under-geared. People do do it though, you'll just have to get out there and see how it goes!
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    Thanks for the replies. I might be a little off the pace now (averaging about 10-12mph) so will look to improve on that first. I'd be inclined to buy a road bike but the government (aka the wife) would probably put me to death
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    I used a mountain bike for some time
    1. road tyres
    2. 50- 53 tooth ring at the front
    3. 175m crank (I would just stick a road crank set on it)
    4. 25-11 cassette at the back
    5. Lose any bouncy bits
    and you might stand a chance but they might wounder why you spent a load of cash on giving your bike a sex change :lol:

    just find an old road bike in the friday ad and service the barings it will be cheaper :wink:

    I did not mind spending loads of money on my MTB coz all the road parts got donated to my road bike when it was ready
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    I must add that no matter what you do to your bike the contrast will always be massive

    I thought after doing all of the above there would only be weight left and could surely not be a great difference

    and when i had finished my road bike, having the same crank set i did not expect the difference I ended up with

    IT WAS SOOOOOOO different
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    Before i modded my MTB I was averaging 10-12 mph over my usual 8.2 mile sprint
    after modds 14-16 mph
    On my racer 19-24 mph

    note this is an easy little sprint with only mild climbs and not to be used as my average speed just a good example of the bike!!!