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Turbo Trainer

scally56scally56 Posts: 115
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Not sure this is in the right area, so if the mods have to move it thats cool. But could you tell em where you are moving it to.

Anyway, I wondering if someone who lives near Oxford (I will collect)would be kind enough to lend me a turbo trainer for a few evenings this week for a school demo that I plan to do on Wednesday. The plan is to hook it up somehow to be able to show how many watts are being produced so the pupils can work out how much the electricity costs. Basically trying to make the lesson more fun than sitting there just writing on numbers etc.

Thank you in advance.


PS I will lay down a deposit and obviously buy the person a few beers as a thankyou.


  • You may struggle to get a lend of a trainer that shows power output, as they tend to be expensive. My kurt kinetic trainer has a power output computer on it which shows how many watts are being put out.
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  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    How about contacting a local gym and using an exercise bike, many of those display watts...
  • scally56scally56 Posts: 115

    thanks for the replies. It doesn't have to be one with a power output on it. As i'm sure i'll be able to rig something up to it, to show what i want it to show.

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