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Not sure if this is the right section to put this in but here goes....

I'm looking at starting a Cycling Club for my University (University of Gloucestershire) next year (academic year starting September 09).

There are a few clubs in my area (Cheltenham & Glos) but the main intention for the club is for it to be a University sports team and therefore compete in the BUSA (British University and colleges Sporting Association) leagues to earn point for my uni.

The registration deadline for the 09/10 BUSA season was back in May so that one's been missed. But as the club has to run for a year self sufficient before gaining full university sport team status and funding this isn't to big a problem.

So for this year I'm looking to get the club involved in local TT series, I just don't know how! As far as I understand for an individual rider you can turn up to a open TT event with no license and no insurance and ride, the organiser's insurance would extend to cover you 3rd party correct? But thats for an individual, what about a club? Would club members just go along as an individual anyway?


As for insurance, I know theres lots of different people out there offering it. The normal one I see is protecting you 3rd party, and some extras like getting you to an LBS if your bike can't continue. To keep individual members costs down are there club insurance policies so someone would be covered when they join the club?

With insurance your covered for training rides, but what about when your doing TTs or other races?


Theres lots of clubs affiliated to British Cycling and Cycling TT. Is this vital? What are the advantages? What are the costs?

I think thats all the questions I need to ask for now, but I'm sure more things are going to come up.

Any help appreciated.


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    Contact CTT and BC. They can give all the info you need.
    As an individual you can not ride open TTs, You must be in an affiliated club. You are not insured if you do and the event insurance could be in jeopardy. Official TTs have third party insurance for the event by CTT which covers all involved.
    It would probably be very expensive to provide third party cover for your club. Better for members to join CTC or BC for that. Their insurance is tried and tested.
    The club would need to affiliate to CTT for TTs and while you can ride as an individual BC member in RRs the club needs to be affiliated to enter teams.
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    Thanks John.T

    Never heard of CTC before but their offering £12 membership for students so that seems ideal. I've just sent off an email to them. Tried emailing CTT twice before but no response, will try again later today.