Lost Confidence - any ideas?

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I recently took my first major tumble whilst attempting to navigate a particularly steep and nasty drop off on a black run. Suffice to say I lost it, went arse over tit and landed pretty heavily.

I've been back out on my bike, however feel 've lost all of the confidence I had before the fall.

Does anyone have any ideas as to how I can get back to where I was???



  • Whytepeak
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    Go back to where you fell off, and nail the section, if other riders can do it, so can you :D
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    Just take your time, watch other riders, i have in the past been scared to tackle certain drops only to see others do it and thought sod it. :lol:
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    Don't think it is possible to generalize. Everyone is different. For me it was just riding again & then slowly buildng up my confidence on easy stuff before tackling anything hard. Other people might just do what he says above. Stay in a comfort zone or push yourself early. Only you will know what works for you. I know : :wink: That is a lot of help
  • I agree with the above. Build your comfidence slowly. A little bit at a time. Imagine if you do a 'big' drop and you fall again - it could really put you off.

    Just a bit at a time imo.
  • blister pus
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    When my ribs healed up to a point where i could get back and ride, first thing i did was go back to the exact point where I came off and rode over the ground slowly and analysed exactly how and why I screwed up.

    Seemed to do the trick, got rid of the mental aspect of it by clarifying a) my concentration and decision making were crap at that point b) the reasons why were simple, I was over tired after a long hot climb and should have rested 5 minutes and took a drink and took 5 minutes more, before rushing in.

    But in your case I'd start doing small drops again and get back into the riding rhythm, then go back to the scene of the accident when it's quiet, and on your own walk round it, and physically jump it, and get a good visual handle on it - then nail it when your confidence is in better shape.
  • Thanks a lot guys - they all seem like good ideas.

    I have been playing the crash over in my mind again and again, but to be honest I can't really remember what happened - sounds a bit over the top I know.

    I reckon I'll take your advice and head back to the spot, and spend a bit of time there trying to work out what happened, then give it another bash.

    Thanks again for all your advice
  • projectsome
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    don't rush it. sometimes it takes me a good few weeks. some times just an hour. all depends on the mood
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    just get out and ride, you will know when it feels right again
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    Confidence comes with practice and experience. I came off quite heavily too and seem to think I'm going to come off on every corner now! With more trails under my belt the corner speed is coming back again - it all takes time.

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    if i take a big fall or something i blame it on something other than myself :lol: like a patch of 'ice' or a big stick. then i just think it wasnt my fault, and next time i wont hit that ice or stick and ill be ok. works for me :wink: