STI cable routing

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Anyone know of a way to route STI gear cables neatly to allow the use of a bar-bag for touring?

Campag obviously route their gear cable under the bar tape, and obviously you can't do this with Shimano.

I 've half thought about using a couple of Rollamajigs or some V-brake noodles to create a smooth right angle straight downwards out of the levers, or using Nokon cable to kind of double back on itself and then under the tape.

Any experience with this issue out there?


  • fast as fupp
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    ive seen it done with nokon- dont know any other method :?:
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  • redvee
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    I've done it with a Carradice Super C barbag and 105 STIs but so long ago I can't remember how. No special gadgets were involved though, think the cables went in front of the bag.
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  • MabBee
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    Dont bother with Nokon. I tried them on a touring bike myself. Whilst the special routing does allow you to use a bar bag more easily, I found that the cables were prone to problems (kinking and wear of the liner). My nokons went in the bin last year.

    When building a touring bike the axiom should always be 'keep it simple'. Nokon cables are not simple!

    Using regular outers, cut overly long, you can usually get a bar bag to fit (although you may need to tilt the bag upwards a little).

    Personally, I no longer bother with a bar bag. I have panniers fore and aft and thats enough. I find bar bags affect steering and stop you from bieng able to see the tarmac immediately in front of your front wheel (which reminds me, I have a crradice bar bag going spare, to put on ebay).