Selle SMP Strike Evolution saddle?

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Due to a nasty dose of inflammed prostate, Madame Tambo has deemed my Prologo Nago Pas the problem and has demanded that I buy something more suitable. The Selle SMP Strike Evolution saddle claims to do the business but is a serious lump of cash. Any thoughts or experience with it would be welcomed before I take the plunge.


  • I have the similar Strike Statos. It's a nice saddle, but the design makes for a very thin un-padded nose. It feels fine on your sit bones but if you move forward it's like sitting on two knife edges. You really need to be careful with your position and the tilt of the saddle.
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  • Gav2000
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    I have a SELLE SMP TRK which is only about £22 from BikePlus. It's similar to the Evolution but has a plastic/vinyl cover and I think has a bit more padding. It'd be a good test for you though in terms of comfort, I've had mine for over 2 yesrs now and although most of the logo has worn off the covering material is fine.


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