creaking new bottom bracket, why me

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I know this is a common problem and have looked in the "sticky" post but cant find a similar case. I had play in my old bottom bracket and as it was 2 years old decided to replace it. the new one was a like for like replacement and went on a treat. But, it creaks, when i fitted it i greased all mating surfaces and used sufficient force on the bolts (although i dont have a torque wrench). I am convinced its the BB and not a seatpost or rear skewer problem as ive tightened the wheel and the creak happens under lad on or off the saddle. I removed and re-installed the BB but no better. Am i using the wrong type of grease? shouls i be using some kind of mating compound or copper slip? i'm going to remove my bottle cage to make sure its not that, but i'm convinced its BB trouble.

The BB is a truvativ giga pipe GXP fitted to a stump fsr

any advice would be great as this is doing my fruit.


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    Before greasing, did you use a degreaser to clean the threads inside the bottom bracket? I had creaking on a newly fitted BB and it was cured with a good clean using an old tooth brush and some muc-off.
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    Check your pedals and cleats. A bit of lub there can help. Remove pedals and grease the threads. Check your rear wheel Q/R and grease lightly. These are the most common causes of creaking that seems to be the BB, once you have done everything to that.
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    I had this once and it drove me crazy for weeks......check your chain ring bolts :!: