'Play' in crank and bottom bracket - help please!

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Hey guys an gals,

I have an older raleigh airlite 100 with a prowheel chariot double crankset. Today I noticed some movement in the pedals. I took it easy on the way home and there is some play in the cranks. Both arms are moving laterally by 3-4mm.

I think these have sealed bottom brackets, is it replacement time or is there something that needs tightening. It was fine a few days ago and no crashes etc.

Really appreciate your help, will be swinging into the LBS tomorrow and their great guys in there but would like to have an idea what needs doing or if i can save myself a trip?

Cheers again.....


  • Smokin Joe
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    Unless both cranks have come loose on the axle by the same amount (Unlikely) it is indeed time for a new BB. Sealed BBs have no adjustment.
  • nitesight
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    Well it should be covered by the warranty so at least I get a new BB which should last me many happy miles - this isn't a bad thing. As long as I don't get fobbed off in some way. I really hate stuff like this. You walk in explain the problem and hope to hear "sorry about that we'll get it sorted - no problem" unfortunately it's usually more like "hmmmm that's not covered, because blah blah blah"

    It's the true test of an LBS when it comes to this stuff. We'll see how they do.

    I suppose if it comes to it with a few tools it's an easy fix - at least that's what the Bike Book says!

    Cheers to Smokin Joe
  • rickhotrod
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    A Shimano UN54 bottom bracket is a good choice for durability. The quality will be much better than the bottom end junk that would have been fitted as standard!
  • nitesight
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    My LBS were great, straightaway they said they'd replace the BB. Even bigged me up for wearing it out!

    All good, back on the road soon.....