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I have the opportunity (unexpectedly) to buy a new bike earlier than planned. I have my eye on a Gary Fisher HiFi Plus 29er (unless someone has something bad to say about it?) Anyway, having a dilemna about whether to buy now or wait for the 2010 models to come out in a couple of months. BUT... the guy in the bikeshop which I highly rate tells me more price rises are coming in the new year. He expects them to be fairly significant due to the fact that the pound is weak at the moment. Can anyone confirm or deny this rumour? If they are going to rise I might just have to go and buy one this weekend (shame I know :wink: )


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    Nobody really knows. If the shops buy when the pound is low, we see the prices rise, like now (importers and distributors hike the prices up). Hopefully (and the pound is rising), we will see better prices next year.
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    So the price isn't set by the manufacturer? I had presumed it was as everyone sells at the same price. Sorry, bit ignorant when it comes to this kind of thing :(
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    All the shops buy off the importers ie with RockShox it is Fisher. Unless they source OE kit...
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    I think as shimano is so expensive at the moment most 2009 bikes will be spec'd with sram as it's slightly cheaper at the mo I think. I know thats not the answer you were looking for but if it is going to be spec'd shimano it may be more expensive.

    Thats just my thoughs

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    Sterling hit a 5 month high against the US$ this week
    Sadly most of the stuff in distributors' warehouses were bought, shipped over and excise duties paid on lower Sterling values, so we'll not see any price decreases for quite some time. Also, when the exchange rate drops in favour of Sterling, without doubt these cost decreases will not be passed back to the consumer in a hurry as the distributors will use this opportunity of offset the profit drops they experienced during the downturn.

    Some things I have noticed though is that some of the bigger etailers like Evans, Wiggle etc. are holding sales, they need to move the aged stocks.
    In the smaller retailers or local bike shops, cash is king and you can negotiate a discount if your in the position to pay with notes.

    To be honest I think in some aspects you're getting more bike for your money now than your were this time last year - although most models will mainly be 2008, when the 2010 models hit the showrooms, rest assured the 2009 models will decrease in price