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Hi all,

A little advice please.

I've got back into biking after a number of years and recently shelled out on a Felt Compulsion 1 and am loving it. The Compulsion 1 comes with a lot of XT components including XT rims with the red anodised spoke nipples.

When I took delivery of the bike I was handle 1 of a pair of spoke/nipple tools/spanners that are specific to the XT nipples and spoke – the shop kept the other spanner for future services.

A couple of weeks ago I had the free 1st service and all was fine. On cleaning the bike this weekend I noticed that 90% of the red anodised nipples are slightly damaged. What I mean by this is that nearly all of them look as though whatever tool was used has slipped and removed some of the red anodising or has applied too much force to the nipple edges and slightly flattened/twisted them and also removed the red anodising. I’m not saying they’re a MESS, mess, but the majority do now look decidedly second hand.

Do you think this is a result of the shop using another tool other than the specific Shimano XT one and (due to my lack of experience) is this “wear” to be expected whilst tightening the spokes during the first service? If not do I have grounds to ask the shop to replace the anodised nipples that are now clearly second hand?

I look forward to your thoughts....