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Felt a right idiot phoning the bike shop..

davbaydavbay Posts: 60
edited June 2009 in Commuting chat
...To tell them that having received my brand new Specialized Tricross Singlecross, tools, lights, rucksack (cycle to work scheme), I tried fitting my pedals to discover that someones cross threaded the left crank and it wont go on!!!

I swear it wasn't me. I know that the left pedal is threaded the opposite way i.e lefty tighty and there were metal filings on the frame near the bottom bracket. I've been waiting for aaaages and the bike shop kept me waiting too. I could tell that he reckons it was me that did it - the budding bike mechanic. Shop guy was gracious on the phone and said he'd have a look.

Very frustrating but I'm not pointing the finger at anyone - yet.

Taking it in tomorrow. Oh well - feel better for having a rant.
Anyone else ride a Schwinn?...
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