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Wibbly wobbly weirdness



  • HeadhuunterHeadhuunter Posts: 6,494
    JonGinge wrote:
    From the back...

    The wheel appears to be true, checked the skewer was holding it in place, will check the seat...

    No idea how to check the bearings though, and don't really know what a cone is!
    Grab the frame, grab the wheel rim and give it a bit of lateral welly. Does it move?

    Cones just hold the bearings in the hub. There'll be a 15mm locknut outside of them

    +1 on that. The bearings/rear hub is a bit loose on my Focus at the moment but the idiot at Wiggle who set the bike up has overtightened the cassette on so I need to get a chain whip to get it off to check what's going on, but sometimes it feels like there's some wobble in the rear.... If it is the hub/cones, don't overtighten them though.
    If you don't need a chain whip to get a cassette off, either the cassette is too loose, or your freewheel is seized.

    Nah you don't need a chain whip, people think you need to tighten the cassette really hard but you really don't, it doesn't need to be that firmly fixed. My dad has had hundreds of bikes over the years which he's used, or renovated and sold on and he's never used a chain whip and never had any problems. I'm not saying yuo can remove it by hand, but he just uses standard tools. The Focus I buought seems to have had the cassette tightened by a machine it's so firm...
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