Please help comparing bikes to buy!!

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Scott Sportster P6 2009 Hybrid Bike Vs Specialised Sirrus 2009 Road Bike

both available for the £300 mark, which is my upper limit in budget.

I am looking to get into cycling over the summer to keep myself fit and seeing a bit of the great outdoors. I don't intend on commuting so this bike would be used at weekends and maybe 1 or 2 nights a week. I intend on doing some loops on the road upto maybe 50mile or more, gradually building up depending on progress but i want to be able to ride along the canal or a light trail also on occasion.

As a total beginner I may be wide of the mark but have been researching and these 2 bikes seem to suit my needs, however, i would like to know what is the better bike regarding components and what you think may be better suited to my needs. If it was purely aesthetically i would choose the Scott but i would rather get the better bike. The tyre size on the Scott is 700x37 and Specialized is 700x28, would both of these be suitable for my uses?! i want to be able to get a fair old speed going when travelling on roads.

Sorry for elaborating soo much, any info is greatly appreciated.