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which bike - newbie here! cube or trek

daz_mtbdaz_mtb Posts: 33
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Hi guys - posted in the wrong section so reposting here

Hi all. Great forum you have here.

I have been reading lots on the bikes above, and have £1000 via cyclescheme to spend on a bike. I like the look of these too.

Cube LTD race
Trek 6700

I am a complete noob so please be gentle. I want to use the bike to commute to work say twice a week, 20 mile round trip. Plus some off road use (such as park etc)

I know I should look at hybrids but I like the look of these puppies!

What bike is more suitable for road use in terms of tyres? and overall parts. I know both tyres are knobbly, but maybe I could change the tyres to these? ... e-ec001850

Can you go from 2.25 to 1.95? on these rims, and is it easy to change tyres?

With these pedals? ... s-ec005307

Also I am 5"11 what frame size should i go for for mainly road use?

Thanks guys!!!


  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Both are good XC bikes. You can go for smaller tyres, and less treaded ones for road use. Those pedals will do, but you can get the same for half price by Wellgo.

    For size, have a read of the What Size thread.
  • Lee30Lee30 Posts: 118
    I'm 5"10 and just ordered a 19.5inch trek 6500,

    I nearly bought the cube ltd comp that was a 20inch frame.

    Hope thats useful.

    But before you buy you must ride them mate.
  • Lee30Lee30 Posts: 118
    also tyres are a very easy job to do by yourself,

    Just need some tyre levers (Very cheap)

    And a pump!
  • daz_mtbdaz_mtb Posts: 33
    wow thanks guys, going to test a 19.5" trek 6700 at richmond cycles. They have some more road friendly schwalbe tyres to put on if required. I think Lee you hit the nail on the head, test ride! I was trying to avoid it - but its essential!
  • canada16canada16 Posts: 2,360


    Best pedal ever
  • GHillGHill Posts: 2,402
    If you're planning on actually riding one of those bikes to work make sure you have somewhere very very secure to put it. Such as inside next to your desk. Nice bikes disappear very quickly IME.
  • daz_mtbdaz_mtb Posts: 33
    thanks Ghill, I am getting a ABUS granite lock with a loop cable. Think I will go for insurance too.

    Any idea guys on the best tyre for road use? Not sure. what to go for, maybe schwalbe etc etc they need to be good on road where they will be 90% of time. I gather then I can go thinner than 2.25 as per the standard bontragers

  • GHillGHill Posts: 2,402
    daz_mtb wrote:
    thanks Ghill, I am getting a ABUS granite lock with a loop cable. Think I will go for insurance too.

    Do go for the insurance. It all depends on area, but when I was in Cardiff I had a bike nicked after only three weeks of owning it. It was only a £200 Giant but it had two decent locks, covered by CCTV and within work premisses that has a guard on the gate.

    When I got a new bike to commute on I got a naff looking hybrid for £150, nobody bothered that.
  • llamafarmerllamafarmer Posts: 1,893
    What do you mean by "off road use (such as park etc)"?

    It's just that to me £1k seems a lot of bike for what sounds like very light off road riding and I know I wouldn't want to leave my bike locked up outside work in all weathers after spending that much on it, even with the biggest, meanest lock money could buy hanging off it!

    A £300-400 bike would easily handle your needs and wouldn't hurt so much if it did get nicked.

    Just my ten pence worth :)
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