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Torq Gels

deaks101deaks101 Posts: 26
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I recently bought a pack of Torq Gels, after hearing about there brilliance. However I have never used them before and so I just wondered how often you are meant to take them. And whether they give you that dreaded rush/crash feel.


  • If I'm really working hard, about one an hour or a bit less, if I'm piddling about then less. Make sure you drink plenty of water with them.

    Never experienced the rush or the crash, just feel some of the pain go out of my legs and my energy level go back up a bit.
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  • shogunsteveshogunsteve Posts: 209
    edited June 2009
    I tried these a few weeks back. Have to say I'v had better results with Power Bar GELS and prefer the flavours.

    I usually take one every hour or if I'm really pushing every 30 minutes. I use the caffeinated ones.
  • llamafarmerllamafarmer Posts: 1,893
    I'm only talking from a trail riding, rather than racing point of view, but personally, I think gels work great as a kind of emergency back up. Energy bars are better for the length of a ride and I'll try and have a few bites of one each time I stop to keep the levels up, but when I'm really struggling and the legs are screaming stop a gel pouch does seem to give an almost instant boost.
  • wemacwemac Posts: 91
    Try them and see. I tried a few different makes before settling on the SiS Go gels - they're in a slightly bigger 60ml packet but are much more watery than others and you don't need to drink with them. I find they also don't leave your mouth feeling like its coated in some sticky sugary residue.
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