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Ghetto tubeless, where am I going wrong?

WelshTomWelshTom Posts: 52
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Hi there,

I have spent the last 3 hours trying to convert my front wheel to tubeless following the guide on and am now completely stuck. I have managed to get the 20" tube over the wheel, split it down the middle and wash it out without a problem and even managed to get the tyre back on. However I cannot get the tyre seated on the rim properly. The problem is occurring around the valve, the tube there is thicker to provide support for the valve and I just cannot get the tyre to sit in the rim properly due to the thickness of the tube. When I try to inflate the tyre air shoots out of the tyre around the valve. I've tried to inflate it with a track pump, I tried a CO2 inflater which was really pants and even tried the pump in ASDA which again was pants.

Should I persevere and try to find a better way of inflating the tyre, or just accept that it wont work with my rim as it appears to be quite thin?


  • gezzzagezzza Posts: 324
    try applying pressure around where the air escapes while pumping.

    ive spent a whole day trying to get my RK 2.2 SS tubless
  • hucking_fellhucking_fell Posts: 1,056
    Wot he said ^^^. I also had to use a compressor.
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  • NorthwindNorthwind Posts: 15,475
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    I just failed epically to do a sort of posh-ghetto tubeless on my traversee rims... They're UST rims and came sealed, and I was trying to fit a non-UST nevegal, but it just won't seat. Having said that, the bead is incredibly strong on these wheels, it's pretty hard to get a tyre to seat even with a tube in so maybe it's no wonder. I was using my 25 litre 2hp compressor, which is enough to seat motorbike tyres...

    So then I thought to myself, wow, if this ever fails on the trail and the bead pops off, I'll never be able to fix it. And then I fitted a tube, and just rode it.
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  • pirwin1pirwin1 Posts: 248
    Try adding some more layers of spoke tape under the 20" tube. The tyre needs to be pretty hard to get on to the rim.
  • WelshTomWelshTom Posts: 52
    Yipee! Perseverance seems to be the key. I took the wheel into school today and used their massive compressor and after 5 min of struggling with the technician looking at me like I was crazy it finally sealed!

    Then I got home and let the air out to put the sealant in, an you guessed it, the bead broke. So I'll have to try again tomorrow but at least I know it will go eventually!

    Moral of the story, keep trying!
  • *Pez**Pez* Posts: 112
    For anyone thinking of trying Ghetto Tubeless, try this video!
  • boomdockerboomdocker Posts: 120
    Tip 1 - use a compressor! you're wasting your time trying to inflate with a track pump

    Tip 2 - Put the sealant in at the start ie don't inflate then deflate then put sealant in then inflate again as advocated by some. Reason is that with the sealant in at the start it will assist with the initial inflation. You wil spatter some of the sealant out but believe me its worth it.

    Tip 3 - Patience! It once took me a full 1/2 hr to inflate a Nobby Nic (with a compressor!!). Most of the time however its quick ie a few mins

    Tip 4 - Once you have inflated make sure to spend enough time rolling the wheel around and getting a good seal.
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