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scott genius mc50 wobbly tail

morgs2001morgs2001 Posts: 159
edited June 2009 in MTB workshop & tech
Hi ,
looking for some advice regarding my bike.
I have been riding it for a few months now and I find there is alot of lateral movement from the rear.This is noticeable on the trails but most noticeable when going at speed and pedalling ,the rear end is going from side to side a heck of a lot.I cant see anything obviously wrong and i am wondering if this just a characteristic of full sussers that I will have to get used too or is there a fault somewhere .

Also how much sag should there be when in lock out mode ,there does not seem tobe much difference between lock out and climb modes .

Thanks if you reply to this post.



  • M6TTFM6TTF Posts: 602
    What pressure you running in the shock?
  • gezzzagezzza Posts: 324
    is it the rear wheel moving or is it the frame?
  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 81,520 Lives Here
    get the bearings checked and also the frame/arm for cracks.

    might just be a flexy one.
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  • morgs2001morgs2001 Posts: 159
    M6TTF wrote:
    What pressure you running in the shock?

    Hi thanks for the reply,
    I cant remember the exact figures but I have set it up for a 13+1/2 stone chap .According to the figures on the side of the shock
  • morgs2001morgs2001 Posts: 159
    gezzza wrote:
    is it the rear wheel moving or is it the frame?
    Hi gezza thanks for the reply.

    I have checked the frame and all appears in order,also I can find no undue play in the
    wheel ,I have to add that i amused to riding a stiff road bike but taking this into account I still feel that there is a lot of movement over the back end.
    I would like to add that im not a hardcore roadie ,ive always ridden mtb and road in equal measure.Dont know why i feel compelled to add that just did!!
  • i had this once on my scott genius ltd, i found my rear frame pivots had come loose. tightened them up and it's been great since.

    sounds daft but have got the right pressures in the correct valves? i.e, neg in pos and vice versa. if you have then either the cable needs setting up or the shock needs servicing £95 at lbs.
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  • dave_hilldave_hill Posts: 3,877
    Check the top pivot pin on the shock. My mate snapped his on our recent trip to Kielder. He reported a similar sensation even though there was apparently nothing amiss. It was only when we tried to tighten everything and found that the pivot pin just kep on spinning that we realised what was wrong.
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