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SPD SL cleat bolt

ijportwineijportwine Posts: 35
edited June 2009 in Workshop
Somehow I have managed to break the head off one of my cleat bolts. Does anyone know where I can get a replacement from? I am loathe to shell out £18 for a new set of cleats.



  • White LineWhite Line Posts: 887
    I'm sure they'll be standardised. Try B&Q. ;) Just take one with you for comparison.

    However, it will probably end up being a Phillips head. :lol:

    Alternately, try here.
  • LeighBLeighB Posts: 326
    I had the same problem when I lost one, my local bike shop managed to find a bolt that did the job. What you need is someone that has just replaced their cleats and has the old bolts spare.
  • Meds1962Meds1962 Posts: 391
    You might as well look around for the best price for cleats because the ones you have are going to wear out anyway.
    O na bawn i fel LA
  • ijportwineijportwine Posts: 35
    Thanks for the help.

    Following on from LeighB's advice, does anyone have an old 10mm SPD SL cleat bolt they can post to me? I will of course cover costs.

  • bnmcmhnbnmcmhn Posts: 40
    If I were you I'd just buy new cleats, and use the fittings on your old ones. The bolts usually will outlast the cleats. Once they are wore out you can swap to the new ones. You'll have to fork out eventually.
  • ginger1ginger1 Posts: 94
    I might have some knocking around at home. I'll check tonight.
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